2022 Rock Creek Ranch Guest Caretakers

Important Notices: 
10/01/2022: No notices at this time.

Welcome to the Guest Caretaker Portal webpage,
This portal contains important information and links for Rock Creek Ranch Guest Caretakers.

Important Links:
Guest Caretaker Job Description – Provides information on the guest caretaker position.
Guest Caretaker Manual – Provides a wide-range of information of all facilities and systems.
SRA Staff and Emergency Contact List – Provides a list of all important contacts.
Guest Caretaker Log – Please fill out the log after your visit at Rock Creek Ranch. SRA Staff uses this log to track volunteer hours and stay up to date on maintenance needs.
RCR Map – Link to the map of the RCR property.

Rock Creek Ranch Calendar – The RCR Calendar is used to show guest caretaker opportunities that are available, as well as show opportunities that have been spoken for. Please click on each opportunity in the calendar to learn more.

Calendar Key:

  • [Vacant] – SRA Staff are requesting a Guest Caretaker for the date(s).
  • [Confirmed] – A Guest Caretaker has taken this opportunity. Open to alternate Guest Caretaker(s).
  • [Opportunity] – This is a volunteer opportunity or event that Guest Caretakers are able to attend.